When its all said and run…

Today marks the end of a beautiful journey that I have travelled with most of you. A journey of an idea that you have supported and cheered right from the start. The journey in itself has been a rollercoaster of emotions but emotions that have been well with it.

And now that its all said and run, its time to say thank you to those that have ensured that this project is where it is today.

The idea came to me one day when I was running and even though I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, I already knew that I wanted to make my run bring smiles to little boys and girls. Its almost a year later and I cant be happier that its going to happen. Thank you Book Dash for allowing me to dash for your books.

The success of the project couldn’t have happened without the efforts of friends and strangers who are now friends. To all those who shared and liked the posts, thank you for helping me spread the joy. To all the friends that supported the project with their time, photography and video skills, I couldn’t have done it without you. I know at some point I got annoying but thank you for your patience.

Last but most importantly to the 67 amazing human beings who help raise an amazing 1667 Euros in 2 months, my gratitude could never be enough. There is an African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”. Thank you for helping me not only raise 1667 children, but reading children.  You have made this happen!

Instrumental in all this madness are my loving parents. Sometimes I feel sorry for them, Im sure all they wanted was a normal little girl but landed with me.. Thank you Mom and Dad for always letting me think out the box.

My little brother, who will always be little andnot younger. You are the reason I developed a love for running. Kwenza without you I would have never done this. Your encouragement and words of wisdom kept me going even through the race(I could literally hear your annoying voice).

To my older brother and sister whose support means the world-thank you!

To my biggest fan, my nephew, who without knowing it, teaches me through his bravely that nothing is impossible (if you are Spiderman that is). You are the apple of my heart.

And to the little boys and girls who will get the books, may each page that you turn not only open up a world of possibilities but teach you that nothing is impossible. Use these books to dream, to bring laughter in whatever hardships you face and to show you that some people do care.  I would run and do this madness all over again, just for your books, but Ive ran my race and now its time for you to no longer be a first timer.

In isiZulu we say “Umunutu ngumuntu ngabantu” (we are because of others) and I am because of you. Ngiyabonga. Danke. Thank you.



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